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Noms Command Line Tour

Goals (Learning Objectives)


Step 1: Watch the video of the Noms Command line tour

Go to the Noms Command Line Tour page and watch teh video.

Step 2: Do the Command Line Tour

Follow the steps of the Noms Command Line Tour.

Some Notes

In the command line tour, under the noms sync section, the tour tells you to run:

> go install

Sometimes this command returns a warning like

warning: "" matched no packages

It’s ok! If you followed the installation instructions in the previous lesson, you can ignore this step and proceed with the tour, starting with the next command it lists:

> csv-export /tmp/noms::films > /tmp/film-locations.csv

Next Steps

When you’re done with the command line tour, go back to the Intro to Noms workshop and follow the link to Tour the Noms Golang API.