Decentralized Data Workshops

These workshops provide a practical introduction to distributed version control, distributed data systems, their use, and the underlying technologies that make them possible. Our goal is to provide a path for everyday developers to understand enough about distributed systems that they can write an IPFS adapter for Noms, as was suggested in this issue in the Noms issue tracker.

The Workshops

  1. Introduction: Overview of these workshops and technical fundamentals
  2. Get Started with Golang: Install Golang and explore intro tutorials
  3. Git Basics: Git hands-on & light theory
  4. Actually Using Git: Understanding Pull Requests, Branching and Code Reviews with Git and Github
  5. Noms: Intro to Noms — version control for datasets
  6. Versioning Data with Git and Noms Hands-on experiments with tracking CSV datasets using these two tools
  7. Under the Hood of Git: Look at the deeper theory & data models that make Git (and Noms) work
  8. IPFS: Hands-on & theory of IPFS
  9. Agile Process: Crash course in Agile Development Process / Methodology
  10. Testing Your Code: Writing Tests, Running them, and Using Continuous Integration