Welcome, grab a cup of coffee, and let's roll our sleeves up! By participating in this project, you agree to abide by our code of conduct.

What should I work on?

Our project work is organized by 4 main areas:

Area What type of help wanted? Project Board Slack channel Maintainers
App Platform Python wizards to work on application development, hardening the code, making it more flexible, and unit testing Board #chime-app @brianthomasross
Analysis Epidemiologists and other math and stats friends, for model improvements Board #chime-analysis @sam-qordoba, @cjbayesian
DevOps DevOps heroes (especially if you have Kubernetes experience) for hosting, maintenance, and ensuring easy redeploys. Board #chime-ops @moosequest, @themightychris, @lottspot
General Project Ops Writing, documentation, and project and product management Board @mariekers

As of March 21, help is especially wanted from contributors with experience in Kubernetes and Python.

Before You Begin

  • Join the #covid19-chime-penn channel for project-wide announcements.
  • Our highest-priority work is organized in Github Project Boards. Look for an issue matching your interests & skills in the "Ready" columns.
  • Comment on the issue to let us know you're picking it up, briefly describe your plan, and go forth!
  • For new ideas, please first discuss the change(s) you wish to make via issue or the appropriate Slack channel (see table above).

Making and Submitting Changes

  • Fork the CodeforPhilly/chime repo.
  • Base your work on the develop branch.
  • Take a few minutes to review this resource for contributors and reviewers, to accelerate the adoption of your contribution (thanks to the good folks at Mozilla for this).
  • Submit pull requests from your fork, also against the develop branch of the CodeforPhilly/chime repo.
  • As part of your pull request, please ensure you provide the following information
    • References to the issue/PR resolved with your contribution(s) (use key word e.g. Fixes #123, #321 See #213)
    • Explicitly identify the scope/area the change impacts (ex: Operations/Deployment/Model/Documentation)
    • Describe any necessary follow on work, ideally with links to any already open issues
  • Request review from the relevant maintainer(s).
  • Check your pull request periodically to see if any changes have been requested or any merge conflicts have arisen.
  • If a merge conflict arises, rebase against the latest develop branch and force-push the new branch as early as you can. You may need to do this more than once before your changes get merged. Do your best to keep your branch in a mergeable state until it is finished being reviewed and accepted.
  • If your change affects the results calculated or presented, update change_date in src/penn_chime/ when the pull request is ready for merge, so users can see when results have last changed
  • Note: Frequent contributors with write access can submit pull requests from a new branch in the CodeforPhilly/chime repository.

Review & Release

  • Maintainers will review pull requests, asking for changes as needed.
  • Once a PR has 1 approval and passes automated tests, maintainers will merge to release branches.
    • Exception: Documentation or infrastructure support PRs can be merged directly to master.
  • Deploys to production must be signed off by @beckerfluffle or @cchivers.

Requesting Functionality

Stakeholders/Users: Check the #chime-users channel on Slack to see if your need is already being addressed.

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